Monday, February 1, 2010

Transition Strips Done!

Ok - the transition strips have been varathaned & installed so it's time to show you what they look like now.

This is the division area between the kitchen & the dining room. I'm glad that the dark colours of the lino & laminate work well with each other. The light transition strips will probably darken to a more rich yellow over the next year or so as it's exposed to sunlight, which will tie in with the cedar, pine & fir in the rest of the house.

This last photo is of the change in direction, colour & type of laminate from hallway to office. There's a 45 degree angle in the wall where the office door is, so lots of tricky cutting to get the 2 types of laminate to match up with the appropriate space inbetween.

We went with this more red coloured laminate (walnut?) in the office because the wall colour is a gray/green & it works very well. With some black bookcases, it will look very classy. The gray colour of the laminate in the rest of the living space works very well with the red & yellow wall colours & is picking up the brown tones from the other woods - which are all more golden than brown.

Phil is already checking out what we have left for baseboard trim as I think he sees the light at the end of the tunnel & can't wait to see this all finished. It's a good feeling...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Laminate Laying Time!

It's funny to think we are now into the Renovation Stage of owning the house, but we are now upgrading our beautiful painted plywood floors to laminate.

We have chosen 'Midnight Barnboard' for our main living space (living room, dining room & entrance hallway) - with lino in the actual entrance & kitchen.

Before we started, we needed to fix a sag in the floor which meant that Phil was back to using his tools indoors & making a lovely mess...

We had just returned from a month long 'vacation' & wasted no time in getting things ready for our project.

The laminate arrived 2 days later than we were hoping, but just allowed us to work on another project down in the suite, as you will see at the end of this post.

This is our 'Midnight Barnboard' laminate.

We started in the living room, which meant we had to remove the pellet stove - not a fun nor easy thing to do! The white lay is a sound proofing layer we found while doing our weeks of research back in November. It came rather inexpensively from the US & I really hope it helps with breaking up the transfer of sound between our space & the suite. The suite bedroom is (unfortunately) right below where we have our TV...

Ok - DAY 1 saw us finishing up the living room area & we were able to move the pellet stove back in & get it hooked up & running again. It's still pretty chilly at nights & the days are dark & gloomy with rain. I hope we get to see the laminate floor in the sunshine soon!!

Phil finally got his toolbelt this Christmas!

DAY 2 - work moved now into the dining room & the area around the lino in the kitchen. A bit of tricky cutting was necessary around the curved drywall corners & up to the transition by the office.

I'm so glad we have central vac - I spent most of my time 'helping' by keeping the areas clean & keeping Phil a steady supply of boards for clicking into place.

Ooooo - I'm liking the way the laminate looks up against the lino...

Surprisingly, the laminate really isn't all that grey. The more we live with it & get used to the feel, the more it seems to pick up on some of the browns in the house. The lino isn't all grey either - there are hints of blue & rust/brown in it that warm it up.

DAY 3 - last bit of work is in the entrance hallway, which includes our large pantry closet. Lots of tricky cutting here too around the door frames & to the edge of the lino in the entrance.

By the end of the day, it was finished & we were exhausted. Looks great & seems to make the space feel larger...

DAY 4 - Tansition day - Phil's been busy making all our own transition strips out of fir. Lots of sawdust & noise & thankfully it has been a sun-shiney type of day.

Once the transition strips are cut, we'll have to varathane them & install them.

I love when the sun shines around here!!

We got down into the suite bathroom a few days before our tenant came back from holidays & put in the last piece of lino. I love how it goes so well with the blue walls & the red vanity!!
There will be some photos coming up later once the transition strips are varathaned. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Lino Laying Day!

Wow - time surely does fly by when you are too busy working on other things than finishing the house. But here we are in December - Happy Sinter Klaas, by the way - Dutch Christmas. This little project is our gift to each other.

We 'booked' our good friend Bob to come over today to help, so in order to make the job go by quickly, we ripped up the kitchen before hand: removed the island, filled in the holes & gouges in the floor & vacuumed about 60 times!

We also had to make sure the lino was relaxed, so we rearranged the living room to make way for the large sheets of lino. Already the place looks different!

Phil got in there quickly with a nice sharp pair of scissors - a sharp knife might get away from you & leave you with a slice in the wrong direction! Measure 6 times before you cut...

The hardest part of it all was getting it placed properly over top the pipes from the island. Required a lot of slight adjustments before the knife was put to the lino & then a bit of fun as the accoustical glue was getting onto everyone's fingers...

Bob was teaching Phil how to get the lino cut in as close as possible to the cabinet & wall edges. A proper tool is essential & we are glad that Bob came fully prepared.

Now it's Phil's turn to get in there with the tool - a bit of tucking & folding & cutting under the cabinets & we are almost done!

The edges of the lino will be taped down til we can get the laminate floor in towards the end of January, but the rest of it should be fine! We'll let it relax for about a week & then see how it sits before caulking any of the edges.
No glue in this job, baby!

Area 2 is the entrance. Not a square piece, but the job went by faster as Bob & Phil were now comfortable working together. Phil showed Bob a few tricks with his Dremel Mult-tool & they got the lino in under the door frame without having to remove the frame!

Completed entrance way!
Well, except for the baseboard, but that will come along after the laminate.

Speaking of laminate - I completely forgot to post the photos from our October laminate floor project. We found some beautiful laminate at Costco - of all places - & bought enough to do the office. We thought we would start with a small area before attempting the rest of the living/dining room.

There is a sound-proofing backing already on the laminate & we just had to click them together! Very easy & once again - no glue baby! We were astounded at how much 'stuff' we had stuffed into the office - it was not useable space til we had to haul it all out to do the floors. Now, it's much better organized & we have the room to install the Murphy Bed system & have a comfortable place for guests to sleep.

Well, that's about it for now - the laminate flooring will be in Vacouver just before the holidays, but we won't get it to Bamfield til after we return mid January. Hopefully the sun will be shining just as bright in Janaury as it was today when we install that! We also have some other projects lined up - one big one is a landscaping project to try & solve our flooded front yard situation... we'll fill you in on that as I think I'll be starting that in February.... before the spring rains come & flood us out again!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Stairs Project

Well, Happy Canada Day!
We have another lovely hot & sunny day in Bamfield & there is a lot of noise in this town. Just yesterday there were 3 foundations poured, so lots of cement trucks running the back roads & being barged across the harbour. Nice to see that things are being coordinated to help keep the cost of building over here down. Can't wait to see some new houses built...

We finally got going on our stair project after a flurry of work for Phil over at the BMSC - there are a lot of French schools now coming for Marine Science Field Trips now that they have found out that there are a couple of fluent French instructors at the Science Centre. Keeps Phil busy for a bit longer.

So, you can see here that our footings are all at different heights & they actually look a little cock-eyed - but it was all to the 'Master Plan'.

The 6 x 6 posts were tricky to level out to each other in order to keep to the square - which actually isn't a square at all. There was one brief heart-stopping moment when Phil thought we had poured the footings the wrong way (meaning the long side was on the wrong side), but after consulting the 'Master Plan' he saw that everything was ok. The notches in the posts are in preparation for the landing frame. This picture was taken from the upper deck where the upper stairs will come to. It looks like we are installing an elevator to the upper deck - it might have been easier than building the stairs!!

This is the landing at the end of a long work day. You can see that it was built to the height of our embankment which will allow us to put a 'bridge' across for access to the raised beds.

Here is Mike - our 'Master Plan' designer. He came to help figure out the stair stringers - those angles are tricky to get accurately cut & Mike is quite good with the math behind the carpentry.

Phil hates pouring concrete. But there is always another job that needs it. We needed a pad at the bottom of the lower stairs & this is one big concrete pad! Phil had brought in a huge sack of navvy-jack & mixed up his own concrete (in the wheelbarrow) but we ran out just before the end....he ran to the builder's supply store here in town & got another 8 bags of redi-mix concrete & that was just enough to finish. Funny thing - the pad slopes a little to the front lower corner - no amount of leveling prior to pouring was going to fix least the water will drain away from the stairs!!

The lower stairs are almost long enough to be a separate staircase in itself! I didn't realize how high up the deck was until we started to use the new stairs - lots of steps to climb. But they are nice & wide so we can get up appliances or furniture or big totes of groceries.... Much nicer than the narrow stairs we had previously been using inside the house.

We are installing the railing spindles today to ensure no little monsters fall off the stairs. The 'bridge' to the gardens is just temporary, but it will do for the summer til we can figure out a more permanent fixture. The railings still need a cedar cap so you can slide your hand up/down while climbing & I'm sure we have that wood in the storage shed somewhere.

The 2 tall posts on the left side of the landing will remain tall as I want to put some sort of trellis/arbour across the top & have a flowering vine growing across. Phil likes to tell people the posts are like that because we will have a draw-bridge & will need to hoist it up at night...

Well, the house just seems to keep getting bigger & bigger whenever I look at it from the road...I had hoped that the stairs would make the house look less tall & widen it out. I don't think that happened....